Canaima National Park

Stay: 3 nights

Monday 8th April - Wednesday 10th April

Hoturvensa Lodge

After a night in the Venezuelan capital of Caracus, Paul and Preetha's holiday really began in Canaima National Park, home of Angel Falls ("the highest and longest free drop of water in the world").

The most distictive features of the park, and indeed the whole region, are the tepuyes.  These are large mesas of rock that tower majestically over the surrounding grasslands or jungle.  Angel Falls flow from the top of the largest such tepuy in the park: Auyantepui (see the picture on the left).

The tops of the tepuys, having been separated from the surrounding land for millions of years, contain much flora and fauna that has evolved quite separately from the rest of the world.

Aside from the tepuyes and many thunderous waterfalls, the park contains countless other beautiful sights:  in places even the river beds are formed of Jasper (a semi-precious stone).

Our intrepid couple travelled from their hotel to Angel Falls firstly by plane (a very old DC3) and then by canoe.  This not being quite adventurous enough, the next set of falls were visited by wading through the river!.  See the e-mail that they sent back for more details.