Hi everyone,

Well we have arrived in Cusco after our epic journey in Venezuela. We had an amazing time. The flight over to Caracas was good - we had seats by the emergency exits - so loads of leg room. Watched loads of movies (at least I did, Paul slept through most of them!!). We spent one night in Caracas in a good hotel and the next morning left for Canaima (an early start 4.00am!!).

Well the hotel in Canaima was basic (reminded Paul of Coconut Lagoon) with a cafeteria style restaurant overlooking the most amazing waterfalls. That afternoon we went for a boat ride in the lagoon. The next morning we had booked a trip to Kavac but due to bad weather at Kavac we couldnīt make it. So instead we had a fly by of Angel falls in a DC3. What a bumpy ride that was!! The falls and the surrounding scenery were absolutely spectacular. We were lucky as the falls werenīt clouded over. The pilot then decided to be like Indiana Jones and basically flew just over the river and right by the cliffs. Boy did our stomachs turn!! In the afternoon we had a wander around.

From then on it has been absurdly early starts every day!! The next day we were up at 4.00am for a trip on a canoe to the bottom of Angel falls. We were really lucky because you cannot normally do this trip until May (not enough water!!) The canoe ride was an experience - all 4 hours of it. Lets just say we did get wet on some of the rapids. We then had an hour's walk through the jungle to the falls. You had to keep your eyes on the ground all the time - roots & rocks. And just before you got there it was a real steep climb!. But was it worth the effort - what a view - totally breathless!! Again we were lucky - just as we got there the sky cleared. We sat there a while enjoying it. We were also lucky as there were only 5 in our group - most groups are 30!! and they normally donīt do the trip with less than 9. 

The next day we went to Kavac (Indian village) - it was supposed to be a day trip but our flight left at 2.20pm. We were packed before we went to Kavac. So that was another early start!! Anyway the flight to Kavac was delayed because of rain but we finally left at 9.45am in a six seater `plane!! I thought I has seen some small`planes in Lesotho but this was literally 6 seats (including the pilots!) That was an amazing plane ride - we flew over the 2 billion year old rock formations and they looked as impressive as they sound. Got to Kavac and trekked down a stream to another waterfall. Had to wade through the water at one point - didnīt realise this was just the beginning!! A little later we were told to strip to our swimming costumes. We had to swim against the current and the rocks were really slippery. Just before getting to the falls we had to drag ourselves with the help of a rope against the current. At one point I just couldnīt move the current was so strong!! Anyway we made it and it was again an amazing view!! We then trekked back to the village and caught a flight to Caracas and onto Lima.

We got off the plane at what we thought was Lima - but then realised we were in Ecuador when Paul got his passport back!! Had to get stamp annulled and went back on plane - that was real embarrassing!! But no one speaks English!! Anyway got to Lima and a lovely hotel at 2.00 am and had to leave at 6.00am for flight to Cusco.

In Cusco at the moment - absolutely exhausted. Paul getting used to high altitude- he is breathless!!

Off to bed now - we will be going on the Inca trail on Sunday so will be out of contact for a week. We will need a holiday after all this!! 

Take care and donīt worry we wonīt do anything too dangerous!!

Love you loads, 

Pip & Paul