Welcome to muriss.com.  My name is Ian Muriss and this is where I'll put things that I think may be of interest to other people, such as:

My CV (for any generous employers looking for a Visual C++ contractor);

More interestingly, details of Paul & Preetha's World Trip

and photographs of  Their Wedding.


This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer (preferably 5+).  Some things seem a bit out of position in Netscape Navigator and there's also the odd bit of javascript that relies on some IE5 objects, but generally it's readable in Navigator or IE4.

The first draft of a very simple WAP version of this site (for WAP-enabled mobile phones) is available at www.muriss.com/wap.wml.

Any comments, ideas or general abuse should be directed to ian@muriss.com.

Last Updated: 18/12/2000:  Brought CV up to date.