New Zealand

Stay: 18 days

23rd May - 10th June

A Britz CamperVan

Although not for what it's famed (that's probably sheep), Paul & Preetha found New Zealand to be a land of excitement.  On the face of it a two week drive in a camper van through one of the world's less glamorous countries would not appear to compare with adventures in darkest Amazon or deepest China.  Especially when it rains for most of the time.  Appearances, however, can be deceiving...

These two weeks included swimming with (literally) thousands of dolphins; trekking across glaciers and through ice caves; taking helicopter rides over the mountains; and bungee jumping from a great height (twice).  They even managed to fit in another waterfall!

For the full details see both their emails: one for the North Island and one for the South Island.