Amazon Jungle

Stay: 4 nights

Sunday 23rd April - Thursday 27th April

Posada Amazonas Lodge & Tambopata Research Centre

Paul and Preetha's second major excursion from Cusco involved 4 nights spent deep in the Amazonian jungle.  They flew to Puerto Maldonado, near the Bolivian border, and then took a boat ride to the Posada Amazonas Lodge, where they spent the night without much in the way of amenities but with plenty in the way of lizards. 

The next day they went on a canoe trip further down the river to the Tambopata Research Centre, a lodge for tourists, scientists and researchers.  They spent two nights here before heading back to the Posada Amazonas Lodge and then on back to the "reality" of Cusco.

There's not really much point in my trying to describe the Amazonian jungle here, as Preetha's e-mail conveys the area, the wildlife and the overall experience much better than I ever could.