Inca Trail

Stay: 5 days

Sunday 16th April - Thursday 20th April


After their Venezuelan adventure, Paul and Preetha moved on to even more strenuous stuff in the heartlands of Peru.  From their base in Cusco, they embarked on a 5-day trek along the famous Inca Trail, culminating in a visit to the fabled lost city of Machu Picchu (left).

The trek involved getting up at hours that they usually only saw from the other end of the day; reaching altitudes over 3 times higher than anywhere in Britain; and enduring the indignities of the dreaded 'toilet tent' (see the e-mail that they sent back for more details).

Macchu Picchu ('Ancient Peak' or 'Bigger Peak' depending on who you ask) was only discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham.  It is not known when it was built or 'lost', but accepted wisdom is that the Incas developed it in the mid 15th century and abandoned it less than 100 years later.  There seem to be many theories as to its function and why it was 'lost', but they are conflicting and ever-changing (presumably due to how little is known about it and how long it remained hidden).  It will be interesting to see which version Paul and Preetha thought sounded the most plausible.