Arequipa and the Colca Canyon

Stay: 2 out of 3 days

Friday 28th April - Monday 1st May

Hotel Casegrande

Towards the end of their stay in Peru, Paul and Preetha stayed in Arequipa, the second largest urban city in the country, known as the intellectual capital of modern Peru. 

Built by the Spanish, the city contains some of the most beautiful colonial architecture in the country.  The locals apparently consider their area to be separate (and superior) to the rest of the country.  So it's a bit like Yorkshire without the silly accents...

Paul and Preetha used the city as a base from which to visit the Colca Canyon, possibly the deepest canyon in the world, (although the literature seems a bit vague about this).  The most popular part of the canyon is the Cruz del Condor, where you can see the majestic birds soaring above in pairs.

Their 4th (and Paul's first) e-mail goes into the details.